My Coke Rewards is a fun way to reward yourself every time you enjoy a participating Coca-Cola product. Simply grab your favorite Coca-Cola beverages to get codes, then enter codes to earn points. Redeem your points to reward yourself with something fun!

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  • 1st Coca-Cola Zero™ Code
    ESPN Insider Access
    (0 MCR Points)
  • 2nd Coca-Cola Zero™ Code
    Coca-Cola Zero™ 20oz
    (30 MCR Points)
  • 3rd Coca-Cola Zero™ Code
    EA SPORTS NCAA Football 14 Ultimate
    Team All-American Pack Code

    (20 MCR Points)
  • 4th Coca-Cola Zero™ Code
    Customized Skinit
    (50 MCR Points)
  • 5th Coca-Cola Zero™ Code
    Kirk Herbstreit Bobble-head
    (200 MCR Points)
  • 10th Coca-Cola Zero™ Code
    Lee Corso Bobble-head
    (200 MCR Points)
  • 15th Coca-Cola Zero™ Code
    Desmond Howard Bobble-head
    (200 MCR Points)
  • 20th Coca-Cola Zero™ Code
    Chris Fowler Bobble-head
    (200 MCR Points)

Did You Know?

Bright lights, big city: The Coca-Cola neon sign first lit up Times Square in 1929.